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Chordio is a powerful composition and music theory tool that makes finding chords and scales fun to learn. This is an essential tool for music producers, composers, and teachers.

Learn Chord Voicings

Features built-in chord generator tools that helps you to find chords that sound great together.

Learn Scales & Modes

Select a chord and the app will show a selection of related chords and scales.

Catalog all your chord progressions

Create chord progressions and store all these with your unique chord voicings in one place.

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Writers Session

Writers Session is a perfect songwriter's companion for organising your thoughts and ideas in a single place. It offers a collection of creative writing tools to help streamline and stimulate the creative process.

Features include:

A Full Text Editor with a scrollable menu bar for quick access to commonly used writing tools.

A Built in Audio Recorder that captures and manages a list of all your recordings.

An Offline Rhyming Dictionary, Thesaurus and Dictionary.

Import backing tracks from your device media library for vocal accompaniment.

Collections of Words and Phrases for generating ideas.

A List of Musical Chord Notations and Song Sections for quick entry.

Email Export of song lyrics and audio ideas.

Various Screen Mode themes including a Dark mode for nighttime use.

Easy Printing of Lyrics sent direct to your WIFI printer.

Songs are Autosaved to prevent accidental loss of ideas.

It Stores Session Information such as royalty splits and publishing details.

Fullscreen Mode with adjustable text sizes. This is great for performing singers and studio sessions.

It allows you to Add Songwriting Credits, Splits, Publisher Details and more.

"Writer’s Session is a pretty darn good app."

"While many of these tools are available separately, it is really convenient to have them all tied together in a single place. For free, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t download it and give it a go now."

Matt Vanacoro - Ask Audio Magazine

Sonosync ®

Music in tune with your resting heartbeat.

We all have trouble sleeping and relaxing at certain points in our life. Whether you are stressed and need to unwind to sleep. The Sonosync app is the perfect solution and accompaniment for all these situations and more.

Tempo control

The Sonosync app contains five different musical compositions, each recorded at three different tempos, providing over two hours of music. You choose the tempo that is most relaxing for you. Over time you may find you gradually move to the slower versions as your relaxation levels increase.

Drift into sleep

Use the sleep timer to automatically fade out the music and drift into a peaceful sleep.

The photo gallery

42 beautiful photos which automatically transitions in the background.

Chart Music

Enjoy listening to the top music played from over 30 countries around the world!

The Chart Music app features the best selling songs from the iTunes music store, providing a choice of 32 different countries for chart listing.

Features include:

Biography and photo gallery of the artist.

Audio preview of the song.

Get the tour dates and map view of the concert location for the selected artist.

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